Acid brick & Tiles 

KCIPL are India’s leading manufacturer of acid brick & tiles with more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing special shapes and sizes.

Corrosion is a worldwide critical problem that strongly affects the environment today. According to WCO, cost of corrosion worldwide is 2.2 trillion USD. So there is huge demand of corrosion-control practices in the industry.

Metals and Alloys, despite of having high corrosion resistance property as well as very high cost cannot always serve in such environment, but Acid brick can withstand at an affordable rates.

Acid Brick & Tiles : Red Shale and Fireclay 

Acid Brick & tiles are usually of two types the Red Shale and the Fireclay. Ceramics has been used to handle and store dangerous substances and liquid since a very long time. Many different methods have been implemented over the years to develop the chemical resistant property. For example metal, granite, sandstone and even stoneware were used however the most current are red shale and fireclay acid brick & tiles. These are specially developed with special chemical resistance and can handle being in direct contact with most acid and alkalis, excluding hydrofluoric acid.

There is a unique process where the bricks which are made from either clay or shales are subjected to high temperatures which forms a semi vitreous structure. This is usually done for a substantially long time at the end of which leads to the property of low absorption and high chemical resistance.

The difference between acid brick & tiles is thickness, up to 20 mm thick is called tiles and more than 25 mm is called brick.

KCIPL is offering wide range of acid brick & tiles having superior chemical resistance and thermal stability that helps it to be useful in power industry, steel and metal working industry, pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, food industry.

Some other typical applications of acid brick & tiles: Industrial floors, sumps, storage tanks, sumps, chimneys, scrubbers.

Acid Proof Cements – Mortar for Jointing and Pointing:

Acid resistant flooring and lining consists of special types of bedding and jointing cements apart from general construction cement and mortars based on corrosive environment. Bitumen primer, acid resistant bitumen mastic compound, epoxy are used.

We are supplying Acid proof Cements, Potassium Silicate cement, Sodium Silicate cement, Furan Resin Cements, Polyester resin cement, Phenolic cement, Sulfur cement, bitumen paint for acid proof flooring and jointing applications as per requirement of client.

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