KHODIYAR CERAMICS INDIA PVT LTD is the largest manufacturer of ceramic acid proof brick and tiles in the India and one of the leading Indian manufacturers of acid resistant brick. Khodiyar Ceramics maintains and develops the tradition of the Indian brand KHODIYAR – REDSHALE  &  KHODIYAR- FIRECLAY, which celebrated 20 years of existence last year. Khodiyar- REDSHALE offers a comprehensive range of Terracotta acid proof tiles and bricks, while Khodiyar- FIRECLAY offers complete solutions for off-white/cream heavy-duty acid proof brick and tiles for industrial facilities.

KHODIYAR offers complete range of industrial acid resistant brick and tiles as per Bureau of Indian Standards, ASTM International, EU and DIN standards, as well as a wide range of chemical resistant mortars. Production of KHODIYAR ceramics began in bavla, Ahmadabad in 1995. The production range was gradually extended from off-white/cream acid resistant bricks and tiles to redshale heavy duty acid brick and tiles, custom made acid resistant shapes, acid resistant ceramic sleeves, beams, bullnose brick, side arch and end arch brick.

Acid Proof Brick Manufacturer India

We have used our experience to improve and expand over the years, thus now operate 3 manufacturing plants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have the ability to meet the demand with a capacity to manufacture over 16000 tonnes annually. We have further developed our facilities to include a state of the art testing laboratory.

We happen to be one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Acid Resistant bricks and tiles in India. Our client base expands across the seas to include several counties in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and America besides India.

We understand the importance of supplying good quality products consistently and hence are an ISO 9001 certified company. In addition to which we have also received accreditation from the India Ceramic Society, The American Ceramic Society (AcerS), NACE, FIEO, Engineers India Limited (EIL).