Corrosion is major concern in fertilizer industry due to its process involving use of sulfuric, phosphoric and nitric acids. Fertilizer industry therefore relies on KCIPL anti corrosive protection products in order to protect plant and equipments.

KCIPL has following area of application of its anti acid bricks:

  • For Absorption towers : multilayer acid proof brick lining with Potassium silicate Mortar
  • Drying tower and Pump Tanks: Acid resistant brick lining with K-silicate Mortar
  • Acid brick lining in Molten Sulfur Pit area with Potassium Silicate Mortar
  • Other areas of application include quench towers, scrubbers and converters
  • Trenches, sumps, ETP, Drainage areas : Acid proof bricks with mortars and membranes

Fertilizer industries where KCIPL bricks served so far:

  1. United Phosphorus LTD. –
  2. Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals LTD –
  3. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers &Chemicals Ltd
  4. Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Ltd
  5. Syngenta India Ltd.
  6. Dipak Fert.& Petro.Corp.Ltd

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