Khodiyar Ceramics India Pvt ltd has advance manufacturing technology for acid proof bricks and tiles in India. We have achieved expertise in manufacturing best quality acid proof brick & tiles with timely delivery.

State of the art Manufacturing Technology for Acid/Alkali proof Masonry:

  • We have currently 3 manufacturing plant and 1 grinding plant located near industrial zone Ahmadabad, Gujarat. We have located merely 300 KM near Major Port of Gujarat enable us advantage of export as well
  • KCIPL acid proof brick and tiles manufacture by high vacuum extrusion process then dried and fired in continuous tunnel kiln enabling quality of international standard
  • We are only manufacturer and exporter in India using extrusion method and tunnel kiln firing makes our acid proof brick to withstand thermal and mechanical load
  • We have capacity of manufacturing 6.5 Million standard acid brick unit that makes us one of the biggest manufacturers of acid proof brick and tiles in India.

List of Manufacturing Plant Machinery:

KCIPL has following list of manufacturing technology in plant located at Bavla, near Ahmedabad, India.

Sr No Name of Equipment Nos
1 Storage silos for raw materials 8
2 Vibrating Sieve 3
3 Bucket elevator 3
4 Dry Mixtures 3
5 Wet Mixtures 3
6 High Vacuum Extrusions Machines 6
7 Tunnel Drier 3
8 Tunnel Kiln 3

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