Dyes, Pigment manufacturer and Intermediates industry rely on KCIPL bricks for anti corrosive protection due to processes includes high acid /alkaline/ solvents with elevated temperature.

Area of Application in Dyes and Intermediates Industries are:

  • Acid, Alkali, Solvent storage tank farms require acid resistant brick lining with K-Furane Mortar with membrane
  • M Water treatment plant : Acid brick lining with K-Furane mortar with mastic compound and membrane
  • ETP plant lined with Acid tiles and mortars
  • Floors, drains, sumps: Acid resistant bricks with K-Silicate Mortar
  • Process equipments: Rubber and acid tiles lining with K-Silicate Mortars.

KCIPL bricks and tiles lining in Dyes and Intermediates Industry:

  1. Atul Ltd
  2. Sudarshan Chemicals LTD
  3. Kiri industries LTD
  4. Clariant Chemicals (I) Ltd.
  5. Colour Chem Ltd.
  6. Gwalior Chemicals Ind.Ltd.
  7. Mazda Colours Ltd.

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Acid Resistant Beams