Anti-Corrosive Masonry (Brick/Tile),Quality, Pointing and Bedding Materials, Method of Application, Pros & Cons

1). What are the advantages of Khodiyar Acid resistant brick and tiles over epoxy floor over a long time?

Epoxy flooring has a tendency to develop micro-cracks then cause peel-off from the floor and is difficult to repair. While Khodiyar Acid/Corrosion resistant bricks and tiles are easily repairable by replacing damaged piece.

2). What are the Major advantages of Khodiyar Acid/Alkali/Corrosion resistant bricks and tiles over heavy duty Industrial tiles available in the market?

Khodiyar Acid/Alkali/Corrosion resistance bricks and tiles are made by high vacuum extrusion process making it to withstand high impact strength over a Pressed tiles.

Due to this Khodiyar Bricks and tiles can withstand more Impact as compared to Heavy duty (pressed) Industrial tiles.

3). Describe the load- spectrum for Khodiyar Acid/Alkali/Corrosion resistant brick, tiles and Special shaped products.

The material used for lining of chemical vessels is able to withstand in following conditions.

Chemical attacks done by acids, alkalis, various solvents, oil and greases.

Thermal and Mechanical stresses caused by various Industrial machineries and processes.

4). What are major advantages of Khodiyar Bricks and Tiles in Industry?

Low water absorption (<0.5%) helps minimum penetration of aggressive compounds.

High silica content makes it resistant against various acids except HF and their derivatives.

5). What sizes are available for Khodiyar Acid Bricks, Tiles and special Shapes products .

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