Khodiyar manufacture high quality acid bricks to protect industrial equipments and floors in Iron and steel industry.

The area of application of acid resistant custom brick includes:

  • Tile lining in HCL pickle tanks includes rubber lining beneath of acid brick.
  • Acid Brick lining in sulfuric acid pickle tank under insulation blocks.
  • Anti corrosive brick lining in distillation unit tank with mortar.
  • Brick or tile lining on floors, drains, foundation areas in industrial plants.
  • Anti acid tile lining in battery rooms, chimney liners in chimney area with potassium silicate mortars with furan pointing.
  • Acid/Alkali resistant brick flooring in demineralization plant.
  • Acid brick with potassium silicate mortar lining in ammonium saturator.

Industry where KCIPL Acid Resistant Brick/Tiles/custom products supplied:

  1. Tata Steel Limited.
  2. Essar Steel Ltd.- Hazira
  3. Jindal Steel Ltd. – Ballary
  4. Indian Steel Corporation Ltd.- Kutch
  5. Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd.- Donwat
  6. Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd.- Orissa
  7. Ispat Industries Ltd.- Dolvi
  8. Uttam Galva Steels Ltd.- Donvat (M.S.)
  9. Indian Steel Corporation Ltd.- Kutch (Guj)

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