Chemical Resistant Brick: Fireclay brick and Red shale brick

Chemical resistant brick are either red shale or fire clay brick used to protect carbon steel equipment in chemical industry with the help of membrane and mortars. In harsh environments where the condition are very rough and the bricks and tiles can be subjected to highly corrosive substances and extremely high temperatures it is not possible for the common bricks and tiles to sustain such rough environment. Hence under such circumstances and situations it is necessary to utilize chemical resistant brick or tiles which possess anti corrosion and acid resistance properties.

KCIPL chemical resistant fireclay and redshale brick is known to be withstanding extreme thermal, chemical and mechanical stress in industry when it is used with mortars and membranes.

KCIPL is acid/chemical resistant brick manufacturers and offers several chemical resistant products including chemical resistant tiles. These are manufactured in multiple sizes and shapes, for example foundation bricks, side arch bricks, end arch bricks, stretchers, beams, sleeves, corbal brick, split tiles, strip tiles, etc. With a capacity of more than 8 Million standard bricks per year and a state of the art testing facility, we have the ability to serve our large client base of over 120 clients across the globe including India.

Chemical Resistant Brick : Area of Application

There are several practical applications of Khodiyar chemical resistant brick like chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, automotive and aircrafts and electronics. Even process vessels and storage tanks and reaction vessels. In addition to this several organizations and industries often require acid alkali resistant brick.

Why KCIPL chemical resistant brick ?

Our expertise in manufacture chemical resistant brick as per ASTM C-279 & C-980 , DIN 1057, ES 4130/2003 and IS 4457 & 4860 class I Standard specifications.

Due to high vacuum extrusion and tunnel kiln firing technique we have achieved one of the best quality in Acid resistant  and chemical resistant brick masonry manufacturing.

As far as quality is concerned, we ensure that our products live up to the expectation and hence are also an ISO 9001 company. Besides which we have also been accredited by the American Ceramic Society and the Indian Ceramic Society, NACE.

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