Khodiyar Ceramics is committed to manufacture and deliver acid resistant products that confirms international standard. (ASTM C-279, ASTM C-980, ASTM 410, IS 4457:2007, IS 4860:1982, DIN Standards)
Quality Control Team

KCIPL has quality control team for continuous inspection and improvement of product.

  • QC Head
  • Chemist
  • Supervisor
  • QC head directly reports to M.Director


QA & QC includes Inspection / Testing of raw-materials and finished products.

  • Raw-Material Testing ( Physical and Chemical Analysis)
  • In-Process Testing ( Physical and chemical testing)
  • Finished Product Analysis ( Physical and chemical testing)


We keep all the statistics data for our continuous improvement. The “Manufacturer’s test certificate” is sent to the customer with every lot dispatched.


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