Chemical industry has wide range of production processes, equipments and plants. In order to prevent highly corrosive environment in chemical industry KCIPL produce and export highest quality acid resistant products that customer can rely on.

Our brick can easily withstand thermal and mechanical loads in chemical industry where acidic, alkali and solvents are present.

KCIPL Custom Acid Brick has following area of application in chemical industries:

  • Custom Acid brick lining in process equipments and vessels with suitable mortars
  • Acid proof tile lining in flooring area of chemical industry
  • Acid proof brick lining in foundation and drain areas of the plant
  • Acid brick flooring in sump and foundation area.
  • Acid resistant flooring and lining with potassium silicate mortars and furan mortar pointing.

Indian Chemical Industry relies on KCIPL products are following:

  1. Tata Chemicals
  2. Nirma Ltd
  3. United Phosphorus Limited
  4. BASF India ltd
  5. Pidilite Industries LTD
  6. Gujarat Heavy chemicals Limited
  7. Aarti Industries
  8. Gujarat Flourochemicals Ltd
  9. Atul LTD
  10. DCW Ltd
  11. Deepak Nitrate Ltd
  12. Meghmani Organics Ltd
  13. Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd
  14. Gujarat Alkalis and chemicals Limited
  15. Hikal Ltd
  16. Godrej Industries Ltd

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